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I'm just a guy from Romania who likes to write stuff. I also like to beat the shit out of Sub-Zero when i play MK.

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The Necklace-Creepypasta

2014-10-30 12:11:33 by Elias-Z

“My name is Brian,and I’m going to tell you the tale of the strangest month of my life.It was a normal day when it happened,and even if I’m the only survivor,nobody believes what I say.I don’t know how much time I got left,so I’m going to write down this as fast as I can.My nightmare began on a normal schoolday.My school is a very interesting building,built over a hundred years ago in one of the oldest forests in my town.When I was little,I used to get really scared when I was entering the forest,thinking about all kinds of ghosts and demons slowly following me.But as I grew up,I lost that fear.I wasn’t scared anymore.Anyway,I was in my classroom,waiting for the teacher to come.

“Hey Brian,did ya hear the news?”

“Nah I didn’t.Tell me Mark,what happened??”

Mark was my best friend ever since first grade,often taking my defense against bullies and morons.

He was always up to date with the latest events regarding pretty much everything.

“Mrs. Nash broke her right arm and she won’t be here this week.”

“Great news man,I was getting tired of Mrs. Fatcow and her bullshit.Can’t wait to see who’s our new teacher.”
“How can you be so excited for a new teacher?Aren’t you using your  brain dude?”

“Why are you saying that?”

“All the teachers are the same.So it’s nothing great to me at least.”

“Whatever man.”

Theree seconds later a woman walked in the room.She was very tall,skinny,and looked pretty young.

“My name is Mrs. Collins,and I’m going to be your teacher for this week.I hope we’ll all have fun together.”

Mark started to laugh.I whispered to him:

“Stop doing that man,you’ll get both of us killed.”

“What’s so funny,pupil?Can you tell me?”

He said:

“How can a day at school be funny?You’re thinking,right?”

She smiled and said:

“Trust me,this is going to be the best day of your life.”
Everything was normal,nothing special was happening,just another boring day at school.

Outside it was raining,and the boringness was reaching a climax that  day.

At least that was what I was thinking.

At some point,I saw some weird,red bruises all over Mrs. Collins’s neck.

I thought that was strange,since I haven’t seen them before.

Most of them were covered by a necklace with some sort of an image inside,I couldn’t see it because of it’s size,but looked pretty old since it was black and white.

The weather was getting pretty strange,if before it was just raining,now there were craptons of lightnings all over the sky and the thunders where getting pretty loud.

Some guy in the back of the class called Billy said:

“Can I go home please?I’m feeling sick.”

“Don’t worry,you’re allright” said Mrs. Collins.

I was usually ignoring Billy cuz’ he was an asshole,but now his voice was sounding really strange.

I turned my head,and I was shocked to see something creepy as hell:

His skin was turning white.

His eyes where turning red,looking like the were ready to explode.

And he wasn’t the only one,the same shit was happening to everybody in the classroom,including Mark.I was allright,however.

At that point I was pretty creeped out,fortunately the break between classes came.

I just wanted to get my stuff and go home.I had enough of that shit.

I got up and went straight to the door.I wasn’t even caring about everybody else,they were acting like zombies and stayed in the class.I opened the door.Something even weirder happened next.

The whole,motherfuckin’ school was empty!!!!

All the classes where empty,the hallways where empty,everything.

And that was really creepy since in the morning it was full!

I wondered what the hell was happening.I keept moving,when suddenly I saw a window.

I had to check that out.

The rain was over,and a weird fog took it’s place.

In the distance I saw a mysterious silhouette wearing a white dress.I got scared as shit.

I heard a scream,not only a scream,a scream like the ones you only see in movies.

It was coming from my classroom.I ran as fast as I could:


How could everybody just…………….dissapear?

It was getting confusing.

I felt like my school was the set of a horror movie,and I was the protagonist.

I ran out of the classroom.

On the hallway,there was someone.It was Mark.

“Mmark?Are you okay dude?”

He wasn’t responding.

“Man,let’s get the fuck outta here,something’s wrong.”

“She won’t allow me to do it.”


“She won’t allow me to do it.”

“Who Mark?Who?????”

“She won’t allow me to do it.”

“Nevermind,I’ll get you out of this place.”

As I went forward to grab his hand,I went through him like he was a ghost.

“She won’t allow me to do it.”

The next second he vanished.

I knew that if I couldn’t make it out of the school,I was going to die.

I was running around the hallways,descending stairs when suddenly I heard a loud bang.

The rooftop was struck by a lightning.It was on fire.

I wasn’t caring,even before that happened my only thought was “Run!Run!!!!”.

I finnaly got to the first floor.

My only obstacle was a door.It was locked.

The only barrier between life and death.

The fire was getting really close.

I started to punch a window nearby,my hands were bloody as shit but I managed to get out.

I was soooo happy,but it was not over.

As I got up and ran away from the school,I clashed with the white silhouette that I saw earlier.

I fell down,paralized in fear.

I noticed something strange,she was wearing the same necklace Mrs. Collins was wearing earlier,and had the same bruises she had.

As she was about to strike me,I woke up.

“It was just a nightmare.”

At least,that was what I thought.

The next day I went to school.I wasn’t suspecting anything.

I went in the classroom.

Mark was there,he approached me.

“DUDE!!!!You heard the news!??””

“No” I said.I wasn’t paying attention,I thought he was going to tell me about the last Mortal Kombat game.

“You know Mrs.Nash?”

“Of course I know her,she’s our teacher.What’s wrong with you man?”

“She was killed yesterday,on the hallway.Someone told me that her corpse was having red bruises all over her neck.”

That struck me just like a lightning.Seemed like my dream wasn’t just a nightmare,but a vision.

“You serious?”

“Yeah,the principal will come soon to tell us that too.”

All sorts of thoughts where rushing in my brain.

Who killed her?Why her?What were those bruises?Was it having anything to do with Mrs. Collins?

The principal walked in,at that point I was still hoping that Mark was joking.

But he wasn’t.

The principal told us exactly what he told me earlier.

He also told us that we can go home,and the next day we would stay home too.

However,afterwards we would need to go back to school and have a new teacher.

I went home terrified.

The same questions that I thought about earlier went through my head again.

I didn’t knew what to do.

Then,an idea came in my brain:

The school archieves.

That’s the place where I could find all the anwers I needed.

Maybe I could find out who Mrs. Collins was and maybe I could find out more about my school.

The next day when the school was closed,I would go there.

But until then I needed sleep.

Next day I woke up,ate some pizza,got dressed,I was ready to go there again.

I grabbed my bike and left.

I reached the forest and went it.

The school was pretty close.

Around it were a lot of guys wearing black,perhaps from the police or something.

I sneaked in the archives,it was a smalled building located nearby the school.

Nobody was there.

I was happy,now I could stay there and get all the info I needed.

I got some books and started to read.

The first ones weren’t really useful at all.

I spent there half an hour searching for info and I started to think I wouldn’t get it at all.

However,I came across a very interessting book,telling the history of the forest,the school and everything that was there at some point.

I opened it.

The first pages where about the landscape.

I skipped them.

I went from page to page,up until I found a picture of a castle.

It said that it was built on the site of the school in the year 1799,and was destroyed in a fire 100 years later.It was pretty strange,in my dream there was a fire too.

When I went to the next page,my jaw dropped.

Everything was explained there.

The castle,Mrs.Collins,the fire,everything.

Here’s a summary:

In the year 1899,a powerful family was living in the castle located in the forest.

A young lady,called Elizabeth Collins was the young ruler of that land,after her father died.

Near the castle there was a village.

When people from the village started to dissapear,her brother Simon told the villagers that she is responsable.

It was Simon who murdered their father,in hope of getting the throne instead of her.

After he discovered his testament,which was saying that Elizabeth would be the next ruler,he went to the village and poisoned innocent peasants,wanting revenge.

He then convinced the angry villagers that she was the one that killed them.

They believed him.

They went to the castle,got Elizabeth and murdered everybody else in the family,except for Simon.

They torched the castle and hanged Elizabeth.

Next to the text,there was a picture of her.

She was looking just like the woman from my nightmare.

She was wearing the same necklace,with the small,tiny little picture inside.

Onto the next page,I saw this:

“Legend tells that before her death,she cursed both the castle and the village nearby.After the school was built on the site of the former castle,both teachers and pupils reported that they saw the ghost of the young lady on the hallways and other places.”

Everything made sense now.

My dream was indeed a vision of something that was about to happen.

I got the book and went out,running home as fast as I could.

All sorts of thoughts went in my head.

Shall I stay home,or save my friends?

I decided that I couldn’t let them to die,as I would feel guilty afterwards.

I read the rest of the book until midnight,when I decided to go to sleep.

After all,a hard day was coming.

I woke up and went to school as fast as I could.

Mark and some other guys where already in the classroom.

“Mark!We gotta get the fuck outta here.”

“What are you talking about dude?”

“Trust me,if we stay here we die!””


I told him everything,Mrs. Collins,the castle,the fire,her brother,everything.

When I was done,everybody started to laugh,saying stuff like “he’s crazy.”

“Are you allright man?”                                                                                                

“You have to believe me!”

“I’m not sure,to be honest I gotta ask what kind of crack were you smoking lately?”


“Allright allright,I’ll go with you.But if I have trouble with the principal afterwards,I’ll kick you in the nuts.”

I was happy to see that he was willing to go with me,altough I was pretty sure he wasn’t believing a word I said.

I opened the door and we left.

On the hallway there was nobody.

As we walked down the stairs,I saw a woman.

It was Mrs.Collins,heading for the class.

I started to run,Mark did that too.

“Who was that?”

“Nobody you wanna get in touch with.”

She was entering the classroom.

From that moment,every second felt like a minute.

We reached the exit.The door was locked.

“What we gonna do now?”

“I’ll break the window” I said.

I punched it,and we were out.

“Now what?”

“We run” I said.

The fog from my dream was appearing.

In a matter of seconds,I heard the loud noise from my dream,the school was now on fire.

“Move!We gotta make it to my home,there we’re safe.”

“I totally believe you now”

I smiled.

I thought we were safe,but boy was I wrong.

The white silhouette from my dream appeared in front of us.

I was scared like I never was before.

Mark too.

“Dude we gotta g….”

In a second,she hit Mark.

He fell down dead,and I thought I was next.

But she dissapeared.

She spared me.

After she vanished,the necklace that she was wearing somehow appeared on the ground.

I didn’t know what to do.

Mark was lying dead on the ground,the school was on fire and I was alone there.

I picked up the necklace. Immediately I felt a chill and I could see years of events in seconds,the death of Elizabeth,the peasants torching the castle and the poisoning of the villagers.

I put it in my pocket and left the forest,heading for home.

My nightmare was just beginning …..

Over the next three weeks I experienced things that nobody would want to see.

I put the necklace in a drawer.

I told a lot of people about my experience,but nobody believed me.

Every day I had weird flashbacks about Elizabeth and members of her family,odd nightmares,and so on.

In one of them,I remained in the classroom and waited for her to come.

This time,I stayed there.I turned into a mindless zombie,just like the rest of my friends.

In another one,Elizabeth murdered me while I was at home.

That was just the first week.

The second one started normally,well not really.

All sort of detectives where at the site of the school.

But I wasn’t caring.

The only thing I was caring about at that point was my life.

The day went normally,up until de evening.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth.

I heard a noise,like a scream,and rushed to my room.

There,Elizabeth’s ghost was standing in the front of the room,waiting for me.

As I walked in,she dissapeared.

I looked in the drawer.

The picture in the necklace:her eyes,there were red tears coming down her face.

She now looked terrified.

And I was terrified too.


My skin was now turning white,just like my friends.

My eyes were turning red.

I was becoming a mindless zombie.

Cruel visions and nightmares where haunting me everyday,and I was always expected the Ghost to pop up in my face.

The necklace,which was silver,was turning red.

I thought I was getting insane………and now I think I am.

I’m writing things in different ancient languages that I don’t understand on the walls against my own will,I spit blood everyday,I think I’m in places that don’t exist,I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

The necklace………….her face is no longer there.Now,my face is there.

My life…… a nightmare.

For the first time in my life,I’m afraid of………”                 




50 years later.







“Yo Johnny,I found something amazing yesterday.”

“Lemme guess Andy,another turd hidden in a garbage can?”

“You’re silly.No,I went to the school’s archieves.”


“I snatched a book,it contains the history of our school and some other shit.”


“Well,some story about a castle that was build some 250 years ago and a girl that was hanged.But that’s not the interesting part.Turns out that after that castle was torched,a school was build in it’s place,and the girl that was hanged was haunting it.”


“Some 100 years later,that school burned too.What Is interesting is that some guy actually survived,he wrote a journal where he explained everything that happened.The ghost was responsible for the fire.”

“And what happened to that guy?”

“His house burned and he hanged himself.The only object that the cops found was a necklace with a picture of a bloody face inside.Some 30 years ago our school was built on the site of the other one.”

“Oh well that’s very interesting Andy,you should write a book you know?”

“…….fuck you.”

“Yeah,you too.”

“Anyway,you heard that Mr. Jones broke his leg?We are having a new teacher today.”

“Who the fuck cares?”

A woman walked in the classroom.She was tall,skinny,and was wearing a necklace.

“Hello kids,my name is Mrs. Collins and I’m going to be your teacher for today.Hopefully we’ll all have fun together.”

Johnny started to laugh.

“What’so funny,pupil?”

“There’s no way to have fun at school.”

She smiled.

“Trust me,this is going to be the best day of your life.”


First of all,happy Halloween everybody!

So yeah,as you can see this "creepypasta" has a very similar plot to another on that i wrote called "Day of Darkness and Despair".

Well the thing is that around a month ago i gave up on that thing due to lack of interest and ides.

So a week ago i decided to continue it because of Halloween,but looking back at it,it was very,veeery stupid.

So i decided to start from scratch under a different title but with a similar plot.

This is the result,i can say that this is the very first creepypasta that i wrote.

I don't have a creepy image to go with it,sorry.

The "creepiness factor" was kinda lowered cuz' i wanted to focus more on the story itself.

Some constructive criticism would be appreciated,tell me what i did wrong and stuff.

I plan on writing more creepypastas in the future,the next one will be kinda a "cursed video" kind of thing.

Anyways,let's celebrate Halloween with a marathon of spooky easter eggs in gaming:

My favourite is the Sonic CD hidden message.

Or maybe try out some other creepypastas?
My favourites are Funnymouth and The russian sleep experiment,i recommend reading those.

Again,happy Halloween and have fun!!!!

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