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Doin pretty bad irl

2017-04-01 14:59:25 by Elias-Z

Ugh, hi there NG, long time no see.

So been a while since i last posted here, mainly because i'm focusing on college and a few other activities right now, but i've been having a bit of a shitty time lately and i really feel the need to talk about some of the issues that have been annoying me for a while.

So, in the span of just a few weeks, i've managed to get in shit with and even lose some of my best friends, temporarily fuck up relations with a few family members, get in trouble at college, and like these weren't bad enough, my anxiety and depression (which i've had for the last 2 years after i've lost some close people) are amplifying all these even more.

Despite these, i had great plans for this weekend, and this week i was in generally a good mood.

A bunch of first league fooball matches are taking place on my local stadium tomorrow (which i planned on attending), and in the evening Wrestlemania is taking place.

But just 2 days ago i learned that i gotta go see the doc because of a stupid ingrown toenail, and there i learned that i gotta have surgery on it.

Upon learning this i got really pissed of because i already had a surgery on it a few months ago (which hurt like hell), and it turns out it was completely useless and now i need another one.

I got into a pretty ugly argument with the docs there about it and after leaving and coming back home everyone's feeling like shit and it turns out if i don't get this stupid surgey in the next 2 weeks then i won't be able to go on the mountain trip that i've been planning since last year in this upcoming vacation. Dad's overreacted about it and is in a very shitty state right now (usually, when i got problems it's not that i'm that upset over them, but i'm more upset about them hurting my close ones) and i really don't know how to cheer up a bit about it.

And as if this wasn't enough, one of those football matches got cancelled and the bud which i planned attending the other one with is sick as hell and won't be able to come with me.

At this point, my mood is completely ruined and not even a sack full of money falling from the sky in front of me would help it in the slightest, i just hope i'm gonna be able to carry on a bit longer up until the vacation and things will get better.

Well that's all for now i guess.

Hope ya'll doin better than me right now xD

ps: no, this isn't an April Fools prank, sadly :v


2016-11-12 11:52:37 by Elias-Z

After 3 years, today i finally reached 100 fans.

Thanks guys!



2016-10-11 16:07:14 by Elias-Z

Was playing a bit of Deus Ex...noticed this.

Does it look like a Madness dude pointing guns to you guys as well? 

(it's supposed to be a control panel or something)



2016-08-31 17:25:25 by Elias-Z

How yo guys doin?



2016-05-20 08:29:52 by Elias-Z

The new Doom game is really great,but damn,imagine how much cooler it would be if the music sounded more like this :/



2016-03-01 12:32:28 by Elias-Z

For some reason,today i got really nostalgic,and i came here and rewatched the entire Madness & Xionic Madness series in one sittting,and i was thinking "damn,i miss this place".

I miss those times when this place was just so awesome and everyone had good times together.

I met fantastic people who become close friends,and got to experience so many good things together.

NG was my second world,where i could forget about all the shit from the real world such as school and other boring and lame stuff.

Sadly,as i got older those times kinda changed cause with age problems start hitting in and you gotta deal with em,and that didnt leave me much time to hang around here anymore.

The sad part is that i'm not the only one dealing with this from the Madness Community.

The few times i visited this place last year,i saw a lot of my old buddies dealing with depression,stress,or other problems that come with age.The thing is that while i saw them deal with them,i had to deal with them too to some degree,which wasn't easy.

At this stage in our lives,we all really want to be able to travel back in time and relieve our childhoods like they do in movies and games,right?

"Time machines" like those arent really possible in our current age,but here's a lil surprise:we can actually travel back in time.

We do actually have a time machine,our time machine is our mind,and we can travel back in time whenever we want using it.

And that's what i did today,and i just relieved those amazing years of my life in just a few hours,and i just felt so good while doing it.

All i wanna say is,thank you,to all those people who i met here and became good friends with and experienced lots of fun and good times with.

Because of you among other things,i can use my little time machine whenever i want and instantly get a smile on my face whenever i think about that period of time,so thanks for that :D




Moody day

2016-02-20 08:21:29 by Elias-Z


I miss the old times

2016-02-18 09:50:23 by Elias-Z

I'll be honest guys,nostalgia is killin me.

What dafuq happened to the world?

Everything is so shitty now.

Hey yo

2016-01-30 07:43:36 by Elias-Z

I'm back from the dead,wazzap?


2015-10-27 15:04:10 by Elias-Z

Dead as fuck.

Oh well,it was nice knowing you guys.