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24 hours till' freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Elias-Z - June 18th, 2014

In 24 hours i'll be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so fucking tired of this shit called school.

I mean,most of the guys around the world hate school,but here in Romania it is often compared with places like the Auschwitz concentration camp or the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary :P
Just googled "school is" in romanian language.

Here are the results:

4473608_140309659772_schoolisshit.jpgIn translation:
School is stupid

School sucks

School is useless

So yeah this is what we think about it,but it doesn't matter cuz' in 24 hours i'll be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Comments (13)

Yeah you are very lucky, and i'm still get 2 hours freedom and i'm back to hell i mean school for nothing (My teacher said) >:(

that sucks :d

I don't have to go to school next year because i can drop out
in Australia school's you can drop out in at year 10

lol lucky :P

Want freedom forever? Burn it down to the ground!

man i wish i could do that,but i ain't gonna be the next Sirtom :P

@Igyzone haha very funny and don't forget to kill the all teacher XD

I always wanted to blow up the school using a RPG :P

Just saying. They cooked people in Auschwitz, you guys can now for revenge cook the teachers. Mwahaha! >xD

Never thought about that,sounds interesting...........XD

Finally,my freedom is now.

Lucky ya :)

enjoying the freedom over here :3

Good for ya :)

@Igyzone I once seen a movie with angry german kid, he destroyed school, survived the explosion, came back home.

Lol lucky bastard :P

I remember the great feeling of satisfaction when I left school... Until the constant ass fucking that is "the real world" kicked in. But good for you my friend, you got your whole life ahead of ya.

Yeah i'm pretty sure that life isn't that easy after you leave school,you gotta find a job and work hard to get your own place and so on :P

You are lucky :)

Yeah,just four hours till' freedom!!!!!! :D

is diferent at Brazil, i will be free at July 1 (sorry for bad english, i'm from brazil)

So how does freedom feel bud?

Pretty good i guess,but i'm kinda busy right now so i won't be here any soon.

if (school = destoyed) {
student = freedom();
playComputer = true();
} else {
student = unhappy;
giveHomework = true();
LoginNG = false();