24 hours till' freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014-06-18 09:06:31 by Elias-Z

In 24 hours i'll be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so fucking tired of this shit called school.

I mean,most of the guys around the world hate school,but here in Romania it is often compared with places like the Auschwitz concentration camp or the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary :P
Just googled "school is" in romanian language.

Here are the results:

4473608_140309659772_schoolisshit.jpgIn translation:
School is stupid

School sucks

School is useless

So yeah this is what we think about it,but it doesn't matter cuz' in 24 hours i'll be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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2014-06-18 09:13:02

Yeah you are very lucky, and i'm still get 2 hours freedom and i'm back to hell i mean school for nothing (My teacher said) >:(

Elias-Z responds:

that sucks :d


2014-06-18 09:16:19

I don't have to go to school next year because i can drop out
in Australia school's you can drop out in at year 10

Elias-Z responds:

lol lucky :P


2014-06-18 09:18:01

Want freedom forever? Burn it down to the ground!

Elias-Z responds:

man i wish i could do that,but i ain't gonna be the next Sirtom :P


2014-06-18 09:22:42

@Igyzone haha very funny and don't forget to kill the all teacher XD

Elias-Z responds:

I always wanted to blow up the school using a RPG :P


2014-06-18 09:23:11

Just saying. They cooked people in Auschwitz, you guys can now for revenge cook the teachers. Mwahaha! >xD

Elias-Z responds:

Never thought about that,sounds interesting...........XD


2014-06-18 10:42:04

Finally,my freedom is now.

Elias-Z responds:

Lucky ya :)


2014-06-18 10:44:05

enjoying the freedom over here :3

Elias-Z responds:

Good for ya :)


2014-06-18 11:18:51

@Igyzone I once seen a movie with angry german kid, he destroyed school, survived the explosion, came back home.

Elias-Z responds:

Lol lucky bastard :P


2014-06-18 17:14:37

I remember the great feeling of satisfaction when I left school... Until the constant ass fucking that is "the real world" kicked in. But good for you my friend, you got your whole life ahead of ya.

Elias-Z responds:

Yeah i'm pretty sure that life isn't that easy after you leave school,you gotta find a job and work hard to get your own place and so on :P


2014-06-18 22:29:58

You are lucky :)

Elias-Z responds:

Yeah,just four hours till' freedom!!!!!! :D


2014-06-19 22:34:09

is diferent at Brazil, i will be free at July 1 (sorry for bad english, i'm from brazil)


2014-06-21 01:20:26

So how does freedom feel bud?

Elias-Z responds:

Pretty good i guess,but i'm kinda busy right now so i won't be here any soon.


2014-06-23 22:38:54

if (school = destoyed) {
student = freedom();
playComputer = true();
} else {
student = unhappy;
giveHomework = true();
LoginNG = false();