Mortal Kombat X

2014-06-28 16:09:16 by Elias-Z

We are halfway through 2014 and i'm already really excited that next year we'll get another Mortal Kombat game!

It's going to be awesoooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'm a MK fan since i was really little (lol i know how that sounds)

It totally owns any other fighting game (in your face,Street Fighter).

NetherRealm Studios announced that we'll have 4 new characters,including the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya XD (no kiddin',her name is Casey :P).

And,the main antagonist will be "surprise returning character".

It will be released alongside film series' reboot in September 2015 (moar epicness) :D

Who's your favourite MK char???

4473608_140398615213_Scorpjon.png      Scorpion is always awesome  :D        


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2014-06-28 16:26:39

mortal kombat xxx

Elias-Z responds:



2014-06-28 16:34:55



2014-06-28 17:28:50

Excited to see when the final Batman Arkham game comes out too. :)


2014-06-28 18:21:21

"in your face,Street Fighter" lol

Elias-Z responds:

Lol yeah


2014-07-02 14:23:58

I need to get a Ps4 soon! I NEED that game D:

Elias-Z responds:

Yeah me too,the trailer is freakin' epic :P